The State of Ghana’s Economy Beyond GDP | ILAPI

Globally, a lot are considering moving beyond Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to get the whole picture of economic health and sustainable development of their countries. In the 1950s and 1960s, most deve

Cedi Depreciation, No Longer Economics; Consider Psychological and Administrative Factors | Peter Bismark

It has become a herculean task for government to play the defensive role in preventing its national currency from falling into the net.  The free fall of the Cedi to the US Dollar is a worry

Fiscal Discipline and Fiscal Council, More Borrowing or Less Expenditure? - ILAPI

The striving for macroeconomic stability to fostering consistent economic growth and development has been the major anteriority of this current New Patriotic party (NPP) government.  Massive

Bank Consolidation is not Enough, Competition on Interest Rates is Key | Peter Bismark

Ghana’s banking sector suffered huge setbacks leading to the collapse of 7 Banks between 2017 and 2018 financial years. The Bank failures were attributed to poor corporate governance, week r

Banks In Ghana Need to compete Not To Merge

The recent Bank of Ghana’s (BOG) Policy to merge banks have been influenced mainly by the increase in capitalization. This is due to the increment of Bank of Ghana’s minimum capita

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