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African Journalists for Economic Opportunity Training

AJEOT 2020

Application Details

The role of journalism in free society is important to create and sustain freedom to trade and create wealth for prosperity. Democratically, Freedom of the press is enshrined in nearly all constitutional governments and that journalists as the 4th arm of government have had the difficulties to understand their primary roles. The obvious function of journalists is to report the news; big events and small events. Some are boring, but must be made interesting, more than the facts Renowned journalists go beyond. An important function is to ruffle feathers, dissect policies of states, ask hard questions, and demand answers to enhance economic freedom for a free society. People want to know what is going on- Reporting events of interest to create a free society for prosperity Will depend on the publication journalists work for and their understanding in economics, property rights, freedom to create wealth and public policy frameworks.

Another important function of journalists is reporting political issues - honesty, integrity and writing and reporting in a way that builds credibility and readability. Politics is power, justified as legitimate to enforce order in society but Power will be abused if Politicians rely on secret dealings and deceit to maintain power without asking the hard questions to their source of wealth and their autocratic intentions. Journalists can help bring about free society by shining light on bad actors. Journalism has fallen down on the job, has become the tool of politics with Fake news, political agendas and have little or no knowledge on how to make liberty and its economic tenets part of the pillars of news and information. Remember Politics cannot avoid the laws of economics and Good intentions cannot bring good results from bad methods. Hence, the need to arm yourself with the tools of economics and philosophies.

Through this training journalists will be trained on public policy formulation, stages of implementation and evaluation on the ideas of freedom, Business and Trade; and its economic principles and means of using that in their reportage to enhance public debate and reforms. This training goes beyond the usual trainings you might have participated elsewhere. This is a Knowledge based and practically provocative workshop to enhance your work more than ever.

1.Journalists/News Editors/Bloggers/Producers
2.Political and social Commentators
3. Policy analysts
4. Students
5. Activists/Advocates
6. Political Party youth leaders
7. Business Entrepreneurs
8. Prolific writers.

What you will learn
1.Public Policy Standards and framework
2.Economic tools to diagnose fiscal policies
3. Ease of doing Business
4. Budget Analysis
5. Property Rights and Liberal Policies for Prosperity
6. Media Censorship
7. Media-prenuership
8. Law and Governance

Rate: $400 (Free) - Thanks to our partners and supporters.

Certification: Upon completing all sessions, participants would be awarded a well recognized certificate of completion at a cost of GH50.

Application deadline: 1st October 2020

Workshop Date: 24th - 25th October 2020

Venue: Summit Lodge, Koforidua, Ghana

NB: This year and because of the COVID-19 Pandemic we will not be accepting applications from other countries outside Ghana. Only Ghanaians and residents in Ghana can apply. All health protocols would be adhered to. Once accepted into this educational training, you must start preparing to travel to koforidua for this intensive but exciting training.