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Does Sarah Adwoa Sarfo Really Deserve another Nomination from President Akufo-Addo?

By Ghana’s Constitution, the president of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo is mandated by law to appoint his team of ministers he wants to work with in his four year term. Though the Opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has on the other hand petitioned the Supreme Court over the declared election results, Akufo-Addo still remains the president until the Supreme Court makes a final decision.

It is in this spirit and power vested into the president that he has nominated and submitted to parliament for approval some forty-six (46) persons expected for appointment as ministers in his second and final term in government.These nominees would soon be vetted by parliament’s appointment committee.

But first off, let’s congratulate the president for heeding to the cries of Ghanaians by decreasing the list of his appointment from 126 in his first term to not more than 85 this time, as communicated by Eugene Arhin, the head of communications at the presidency, though it’s still not a lean Government.

As ILAPI has always argued and maintained, Ministries like the railway Development must be merged into the transport ministry. Maybe, there is a new dictionary that has explained that railway isn’t a form of transport we have no idea of?

Besides that, in the president’s new nomination list, some of us expected some ministries to be buried or scrapped, though we saw it coming. But I am for once surprised that one particular person got nominated once again.

When I sat in my lazy chair to have a look at the list, one name struck me- It was no other person than Honorable Sarah Adwoa Sarfo.

Let’s not mince words, Sarah Adwoa Sarfo has discharged her duties very well in support of her political party, the NPP but little could be said to that about her “patriotism” to this very country.

Indeed, I was very much surprised when I learn’t madam Sarfo, who doubled as the Procurement Minister from 2017 was also listed as a Harvard Kennedy School student who received US$17,004 as tuition fees and US$12,800 as a living allowance from the GETFUND.

And the shocking of it all for me is why Sarah Adwoa Sarfo didn’t resign as a procurement minister when A.B Adjei, the former Chief Executive Officer of the Public Procurement Authority was implicated in the Manasseh Azure Awuni expose.

Let’s recap a bit.

So Adwoa Sarfo was appointed by the president as the minister in charge of procurement from 2017-2020.

During that time, CHRAJ investigations after Manasseh Azure Awuni’s expose revealed that the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) tracked a total of GHC 14.8 million in Mr. Adjei’s bnk accounts during the period he assumed office at the authority.

It was further revealed that a company Mr. A. B Adjei co-owned, had sold government contracts it won through single-source and restrictive tendering to the highest bidder.

When A.B Adjei was implicated in the Manasseh expose in which CHRAJ’s investigations indicated that he was guilty of most of the offenses, in any serious country, Adwoa Sarfo would have excused herself from public office.

With all the above scenarios, there is no way I would be convinced enough that A.B Adjei endorsed all those shoddy deals without the procurement minister having a knowledge of.

But I ask myself this question always, as a youth of this beloved country looking forward to contribute my quota to its development, what does Adwoa Sarfo’s re-nomination as a minister despite looking on in her earlier ministry for the likes of A. B Adjei to sell government contracts it won through single-source and restrictive tendering to the highest bidder?

At this point, it will be only fair to the good people of Ghana for Sarah Adwoa Sarfo to recuse herself from public office or better still any ministerial appointments.

Let me end on the note that Covid-19 is very real. Let’s do our best to mask up, protect ourselves, families and loved ones.




Author: Emmnauel Osei

Research Volunteer. ILAPI





2021-02-03 05:44:37

Source: ILAPI