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African Journalists for Economic Opportunities - A

This a 2 day intensive residential certification training for journalists to learn create opportunities through democratic and economic principles to help shape public policy discourse, and question the status quo for a free and prosperous society. Journalists are the 4th arm of government with the voice for the voiceless in our democratic society. Politics cannot avoid the laws of economics and Good intentions cannot bring good results from bad methods. The laws of economics determine good and bad methods and that Knowledge of basic economics is essential for a responsible reportage for a free society. Economic knowledge builds an immunity to political lies and this training seeks to help increase the knowledge on economics and opportunities. We believe that economic education must be accessible for policy debates and understanding.   Market competition and efficient function of the government to provide security from violence have taken millions of people from poverty. Economic freedom is a determinant for human development and the respect for individual rights is the essential precondition for a prosperous world. This could only be made possible when government is limited to its primary function. How can we help create a sustainably prosperous society so all men can democratically have life, liberty and pursue of happiness? How does government put a greater debt burden on future generations? Why would government give something for nothing to virtually everyone at no cost or little cost?   AJEOT is a professional certification course for journalists in across the globe with university professors (local and international) as the facilitators. Graduates are task to exhibit professionalism in their quest to enhance and help integrate liberty and its economic principles into journalism and public policies for a prosperous society. MORE DETAILS SOON!     To Partner or Support this training please send an E-mail to: info@ilapi.org