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Public Lecture - University of Cape Coast, 2020

The leadership challenge for a new generation centres on the crucial choice of whether they choose to build for an elite prosperous few or the build prosperity for all in the national interest. In effect a new generation of leaders can follow the established global trend of being part of a comfortable elite leadership or a servant leadership that shares in the hardships of the ordinary people they lead. The next generation of leaders cannot avoid any longer the challenges of electoral systems that are more inclusive, governance that is more just and equitable, opportunities that are contingent on meritocracy and a drive for the common good premised on patriotism and discipline of society. The next generation of leaders must possess the character traits and mindset change needed to carry the vision of a society in which the right things are done as a matter of course and not only when it is convenient or on rare occasions.   For participation and more details please contact: cebsarafrica@gmail.com info@ilapi.org info@yafo.org