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Press Statement: Stop the Tax Cut for Electoral Votes; it is Leading to More Borrowing and Public Debt

As the general elections approach, the two main political parties (NDC and NPP) have launched their manifestos with uncountable promises of creating prosperity. It looks tax cut; exemptions and abolishment have been a competitive component of the manifestos. In 2016, the NPP manifesto...Read more

Government Must Give the public Live Updates on the COVID-19 Fund | Press Statement

In as much as we appreciate the showcasing of donors donating to the covid-19 fund, the fund managers of covid-19 must give the general public detailed performance statement of the fund indicating all credit and debit descriptions since the inception of the fund. It is a public fund meant for...Read more

Ghana will Need Over GH15 Billion for a 28-Day Lockdown

As the market activities continue to drop and many Ghanaians are calling for a Lockdown, foward-looking fiscal and monetary measures are necessary to save the economy from impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. The exponential growth of the number of cases is already causing a progressive...Read more

Stop Creating Job Seeking Environment for Ghanaians

Every government is struggling to create jobs. It is the vision of the State to create jobs for its citizens. Conventionally, many think when government invests in people, unemployment rate decrease.  However, the government is refusing to stand firm and admit to be a catalyst to job...Read more

Stop the Thrust on the Monopolistic Towing Levy

Towing off broken and stationary vehicles is really a good approach to muffling off road accidents. However, the policy may stifle individual choice and cost-effectiveness to subscribers. The monopoly or the oligopoly of the towing levy brings into question the logicality of the mandatory policy...Read more


It has been 34 years down the lane since Ghana began to celebrate and honour gallant farmers, fishers and agricultural workers for their hard work in feeding the children of mother Ghana. This day, is the National Farmers Day, an annual day that is specially observed on the first Friday of every...Read more

Petition to the Inspector General of Police to Investigate Former GES PRO

The Inspector-General of Police Ghana Police Service National Headquarters, Accra.   Dear Sir, PETITION TO INVESTIGATE AN ALLEGED FRAUD/FORGERY AT GHANA EDUCATION SERVICE HEADQUARTERS We wish to bring to the attention of your outfit concerning a fraudulent act that has taken...Read more

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