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Employment Opportunity Index: 2019 Annual Report

The employment opportunity index measures the degree to which jobs and urban drift are supportive of the economic growth of the 16 regions of Ghana. It assesses which region creates more job opportunities and start-up growth. The pillars of the index include, job creation, competitive...Read more

Research, Information Sharing and Education

This program - research and information sharing  is two-fold: (l) Deepen the general public's awareness and understanding of public policy, welfare systems, government machineries, Rule of Law and government regulations through published research and media advocacy on core topics...Read more

Professional and Entrepreneurship Development (PED)

The purpose of our Professional and Entrepreneurship Development program (PED) is to help students and ambitious entrepreneurs advance from start-up to effective, efficient, and sustainable businessmen. ILAPI-Ghana’s Principles and Practices for Excellence is the foundation of our PED...Read more

AJEOT 2018 Trained 20 Journalists Across Africa on Economic Tools

The 2018 African Journalists for Economic Opportunities (AJEOT) training a success in Ghana. The two-day intensive training was organized by the Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation (ILAPI) in partnership with Network for A Free Society, Atlas Network and Language of Liberty Institute at...Read more