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NPP’s Tax Cuts Never Achieved the Policy Intent for Enterprise Creation

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) in its 2016 manifesto pledged to make the private sector the engine of growth to stimulate enterprise creation. The government after winning the polls hurriedly reduced and abolished what it called “nuisance taxes” to pave way for the private sector to take...Read more

Investing in Gold – The Covid-19 Escape Route?

I believe we are all well and staying safe under these "abnormal" Covid-19 times! Ardent readers of my savings epistle will recall my thoughts on investment. Investing your income from my perspective comes with four main indicators that need to be considered thoroughly. For the benefit of...Read more

Electoral Commission Crisis: EC can be Creative and Function during Coronavirus

In the past 6 weeks, you might have heard a lot of news surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. Coronavirus has no vaccine and it spreads from human to human. Globally, there has been over 4 million confirmed cases, over 300,000 death and over 1.67 million recoveries at the time of this paper. What...Read more

AJEOT 2019 Brought Global Scholars to Ghana | Nat. Dwamena

The Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation (ILAPI), a Free Market policy think tank once again trained 25 selected journalists, Heads of NGOs and young policy analysts through its flagship program; African Journalists for Economic Opportunity Training (AJEOT). The three day intensive...Read more

Ghana’s Economy Beyond GDP | Nat. Dwamena

Globally, a lot are considering moving beyond GDP to get the whole picture of economic health and sustainable development of their countries. In the 1950s and 1960s, most developing countries met their growth targets, however, the standard of living of the masses remain unchanged. In recent times,...Read more

Democratic Socialism and Regular Socialism Have the Same Goal | Antony P. Mueller

The longing for the socialist dream comes in part from the great success of capitalism as an engine of prosperity. From the nineteenth century onwards, the entrepreneurial economy created prosperity on a scale that had never been seen before in history.The socialists, however, believed economic...Read more

African Journalists For Economic Opportunity Training – Not Your Usual ‘Free Food, Big Selfie Stick’ Kinda Forum

African free market think tanks, other than fattening your participants and talented speakers, and giving them an opportunity to take epic photos next to the guy/lady adorning the latest fashion design in high quality fabric, how else do you create impact? How do you measure impact? Do you journey...Read more

Ghana’s Economic Imperative, Akuffo-Addo’s China visit and Why Ghana must have a comprehensive Asia Policy

This essay is in two parts. The first part looks at the rise of Asia as economic power. The second part discusses Ghana's current economic situation and the need for government to have a comprehensive Asia Policy to tap into the economic might of the rich region of Asia. In the last few decades,...Read more

Constitution Day is Unnecessary Without the Realization of Rule of Law | Dwamena Nathaniel

7th January has been marked as Constitution Day following the amendment of the Public Holiday Act 2001 (Act 601). Despite the negligible opposition the amendment faced given that fact the majority rule regardless. The constitution of Ghana is a supreme document of laws that guide conduct of...Read more

BluePrint Reforms To Ghana’s Economy - ILAPI

The increase in Ghana’s public debt stock has nearly doubled from 36.9% of GDP at the end of 2009 to GH? 119.9 Billion (71.9% of GDP) in November 2016. Economic hardships and “particratic” looting and sharing in the contemporary politics of Ghana have made standard of living...Read more

You Are Only A Caretaker Of Our Natural Resources : ILAPI Tells Government

“It is estimated that Africa holds 40% of the world’s hydro-electric power supply potential, the bulk of the world’s diamonds and chromium, 30% of uranium, 50% of the world’s gold, 90% of its phosphates, 40% of its platinum, 7.5% of its coal, 8% of its known petroleum...Read more

Local government and chieftaincy Affairs

The Constitution of Ghana prevent Chiefs from interfering in political affairs yet no law prevent politicians from influencing chieftancy. This gab has existed and still existing, making traditional democracy losing its effectiveness. Even though the powers of chiefs and the potency of their...Read more

Center for Natural Resource Management

The environment contains the living and non-living and their interactions have to yield a positive economic outcome for a free and prosperous society. With physical and human capital, environmental resources should be seen as important economic assets, called natural capital. The center for...Read more